After installing the ProPulse prop it is like I have a new boat now, Bill from Nelson.

I just can't believe what a difference the ProPulse prop did to my boat. The boat just leaps out of the water and onto the plane and my fuel consumption has dropped about 15% as well,
Steve from Auckland.

I do a lot of diving with my mates but also a lot of fishing on my own. With the Propulse prop on all I have to do is just change the pitch for the different loads and not only does the boat perform much better but I am also saving almost 25% in fuel.
Grant from Coromandel.

I have tried almost every prop on the market to get the performance I wanted. I have found the ProPulse prop to be the best, thanks for a great product.
Greg from Wellington.

My average daily fuel consumption when game fishing was 120-130 litres of fuel. With the ProPulse prop on I'm now down to 80-90 litres, I'm really impressed.
John from Auckland.

I was really struggling to get the skier up with my 70hp outboard. I almost upgraded to a 90hp until I tried a ProPulse prop. Now we have no problem skiing. Thanks for saving me a few thousand dollars.
Garry from Auckland.

I have dropped my fuel consumption from 1.5L per nautical mile to 1L just by installing a ProPulse prop.
Peter from Auckland.

The best piece of equipment I have ever invested in.
Bill Christchurch

We only use our boat for wakeboarding and water skiing and the ProPulse prop is absolutely perfect, thanks for a great product.
Grant from Hamilton.

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I purchased a 6902 off you in November last year.
I managed to hit something that sheared one of the blades off on the weekend - although even with 3 blades the prop still performed really well, the only noticeable difference being a small vibration at various revs - and it took some time to realise that I was missing a blade - I thought at first that the engine had developed a miss...
The propeller is a huge improvement over the original Yamaha prop - as I was reminded of on the weekend when I put the old prop back on - back to poor take off performance and cavitation which was a thing of the past with the Propulse !
Gordon from Northland.

Just thought I would let you know the results were very good.

I have a 45 ft catamaran powered by 2 x F225 Yamaha 4 stroke outboards, both right hand rotation
If I leave the pitch at standard mid position I get about a 15 % reduction in Ltrs per hour at same cruise speed of 18 knots, which is great.
If I set the pitch right down from mid position I get about 40 % less fuel use but only below 12 knots that is actually not a bad cruise speed and for that reduction in fuel is very tempting to leave as is, top end speed is 8 knots less and fuel consumption is only marginally less but between 12 and 18 knots it's more than a 20% saving.
So I'm pretty impressed.

Hi There,
Installed the prop on the boat at 15 degrees in the weekend, fantastic! Realized instantly at idle that it was going to perform, once underway up to 4-5 on the rev counter boat leaped clean out of the water, its a 75hp force pushing a 555 Ramco with 2 on board plus all the gear. the speed that the boat was travelling was unbelievable compared to the old prop with also fuel savings. the motor was not under strain, it was performing very well no lugging or anything the motor accepted the prop unbelievably.
Fantastic result, recommend it to anybody, which i have done.
Len Wilson.

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