Why ProPulse?
As long as there has been power boats there has been a search for the optimum propeller.
Many different ideas have been tried, but very few have worked well.
The fact is that a propeller will always be a compromise. Up until now the owners of pleasure crafts needed in most cases at least two props to get a reasonable good performance in different situations.

The inventor of ProPulse Anders Samuelson wanted to create a propeller that would give the boat owner a chance to optimise the boats performance under different situations like water skiing, heavy or light load, trolling or cruising without having to purchase and keep onboard two, three or even more props.
Where so many had failed, Anders succeeded and the result is a prop where the pitch easily can be changed and blades that can be replaced in case of damage with out having to send the prop away for a costly and long repair.

Compared with conventional aluminium or stainless steel props, if the prop was to hit something really hard the risk of damaging the gear box, bend the shaft or worse is much smaller with ProPulse. In case of an accident you only need to replace a blade or two which can be done on the spot and so you can carry on with your day. ProPulse will work safely with only two blades if need be. Just put the two blades opposite each other and you can drive home without vibrations causing any damage.

By choosing a composite material which is stronger, but 40% lighter than aluminium. We now have a propeller that causes much less strain on the transmission and gear mechanism. Another benefit of ProPulse unlike an aluminium propeller, ProPulse is not subject to corrosion or pitting damage.

As you know most outboards and stern drives have three blades, so why the four blades?
For most boats and the way most boat owners use their boats, a four bladed prop is the better solution.
1. A four blade prop provide better acceleration, easier to get up on the plane or to pull up a water skier.
2. A four blade prop also gives a bit more lift which means that most boats stay on the plane at a lower speed than with a three bladed prop.
3. In most cases a four blade prop gives better cruising speed qualities. Customers have told us that they have saved up to 25-30% in fuel when driving their boats in the cruising rpm range compared with a stainless or aluminium three blade prop.
4. A four blade prop also causes less vibration and is quieter than the three blade types.
5. In theory a four blade prop will be a bit slower at the top end of the rpm range.
But because most boats are driven at least about 1000 rpm under max rpm, it is of no concern in most cases. There is off course the possibility to go up in pitch to get a higher top speed, as long as the engine has the Hp to handle a bigger pitch.
6. Because a four blade prop holds the water better there will be less cavitation when doing a turn. The outboard or the leg can on most boats be trimmed up a bit more with a four blade prop on.

So the conclusion is that probably 95% of boats will benefit one way or another using a ProPulse propeller. Tens of thousands of boat owners welcomes you to a better boating experience with ProPulse.

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