Adjusting the pitch
Loosen the bolts (7) about four turns with a allen wrench.
Lift the ring (4) so as to release the locking teeth about 2 mm between the ring and the rear hub section (3).
Set the required pitch on the graduated scale (10). This is easiest to do if the propeller is positioned with the ring in the upward position. Then grasp two opposing blades and turn these until the desired pitch has been achieved. The central position represents the pitch stamped on the foot of the blade. The pitch increases by one degree per division on the plus side and reduces by one degree per division of the minus side
Press down on the ring so that the locking teeth inside mesh
Retighten the bolts crosswise. Tighten firmly but without excessive force. Never use an extension on the wrench.
Slack bolts can lead to the pitch changing, causing vibrations wich may result in damage to the propeller blades.
Rec. Torque for the S4 and S6 propellers are 5 Nm (3.7 Lbft) and for the S8 and S9 8 Nm (5.9 Lbft).
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Adjusting the pitch
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